If we don´t remember, we will face it again…

I know many who have stopped listening to the news because they don´t want to experience such pain, fear and/or anger. Is not attending to that news, because one can´t take it anymore, a possibility to continue normal life or a helpful behaviour?

This is not a text about critical somatics or somatic bypassing. It is maybe a call out that we need to join our forces now to stand up for a different world. Writing this blog is my way of dealing with my grief and anger about what is happening in the world.

It is more than a month since the Hamas massacre and millions of people are being refuged, being threatened by war. The situation in Gaza is a human-made humanitarian catastrophe.

On the ninth of November, we commemorate the 85th anniversary of the Reichsprogromnacht, which can be seen as the start of the persecution and deportation of Jews in Germany. PrimoLevi said; it happened so therefore it can happen again. I don´t want this to happen again. I don´t want anybody to be persecuted, attacked, and/ or murdered because of skin color, religion, sex or….

Everybody should have the right to live in peace and have food and shelter.

Almost everywhere fascist forces have built up their strength. In Germany, we can follow the election-winning of the AFD. We witness how fascist speech become normalized again and how other parties are joining the talk about harder migration politics. Border controls in the Schengen region are being monitored more. The German government wants to criminalize sea rescue.

Like they are already criminalizing climate activists like the Letzte Generation a.o.

Yesterday morning while preparing to leave for work, I was listening to the press review, hearing the voice saying we can´t afford green politics anymore although every intelligent being now that green politics are the only possibility to prevent more climate and humanitarian catastrophe.

I can go on and on with writing down bad news. They are not just bad news, these are terrible news that provokes pain, fear and anger in each sentient being.

I know many who have stopped listening to the news because they don´t want to experience such pain, fear and/or anger. Is not attending to that news, because one can´t take it anymore, a possibility to continue normal life or a helpful behaviour?

Not, it is like a small child that says if I close my eyes you will not be there anymore.

I can´t stop listening to the news and I feel how it is affecting everything, every cell within myself. At different times of my life; I had tried out different strategies to handle it, not to get deeply depressed because of feeling helpless to create change. I also got sick of not being able to deal with the situation in the world after having been an activist in my adolescence time blocking shell petrol stations with the anti-apartheid movement, fascist parties and…. The struggle did not change never, now Extinction Rebellion is again blocking shell petrol stations. This time to protest that Shell will be condemned for murdering Nigerian climate activists 19 years ago.

Why can we and the world accept that the big companies can commit all these crimes without charge and others are condemned to eight months in prison sitting peacefully on the streets?

This is not justice. There is no justice in the world. We live in a world that protects big companies and millionaires and doesn´t give a shit for the life of people. It is unbearable. It is too much.

Although I had moments in my life where I tried to block out the „bad news“, and where I tried to live a normal life, I was never able to completely shut off. That feeling of guilt remained, how can I live in peace while others are being killed for standing up and fighting for their rights? It is so right: NO ONE IS FREE UNTIL WE ARE ALL FREE.

A different world is further away than ever, but there are societies in the world trying to live differently like the Zapatista in Mexico or the curds in Rojava. While we are getting quite some information about Israel and Gaza, another humanitarian catastrophe is happening, about which there is almost no report in German news. The Turkish offensive in the self-organized region of Rojava seems to be happening with a silent agreement of the german government. Another humanitarian crime.

As we are experiencing a conservative fascist backlash almost everywhere, it is the rearing capitalist system, that tries to stay in charge that wants us not to do what actually would be human and intelligent to stop living the way that we are living, to stop supporting profit making and to redistribute wealth. To help people that need help and to work together to protect life and nature. This is useful and meaningful. You can´t tell me that you don´t agree with me, that it is the capitalist system that is not working and that the world is in a state of collapse because of the capitalist market.

Studying the past we already experienced the hand-in-hand of fascism and capitalism. If capitalism can´t survive within the democratic system, it looks for something stronger: fascism.

Still, here where I live, I can write and publish my words without facing danger. I am clear that this will change with an AFD being in charge. It is clear where they are heading for a society that is for the rich and not for everybody, a society that cuts off more and more rights.

I need to feel my fear and my anger and not give up or think that it is all too late ( maybe it is ). But I am standing up against fascism. I am standing against anti-semitism. I am standing up for a ceasefire and stopping war in Gaza, Ukraine and everywhere. I am speaking up for a system change. I am writing this so that you will join me and others in standing up for a different world, for a world that saves the lives of all creatures, that changes everything to stay within 1,5, a world that can have a future.